Plan your wedding at the little Saratoga Church

Built in 1989 and named after a prominent rural Stanhope Church founded in 1889, the Little Saratoga Church is complete with belfry, bell and stained glass windows designed by Grandma Fern. The stained glass windows depict two old testament stories and two new testament stories and contain the names of the Darwin’s four children.

The 19 key reed organ plays melodious hymns as the organist has a double responsibility – she must pump as well as play the appropriate keys.

The church seats 8, and is large enough for small, small weddings. There have been twelve weddings at the little church with as many as 200 guests.

During a regular visit, enjoy the wedding of Jessa and Andrew Johnsons being staged in 1906 style Country Relics Village

“Little” Saratoga Church Wedding Options

Following is a brief description of the services that Country Relics offers to help make your wedding most memorable. Please let us know what your plans include and how we can help make your day extra special.

The base charge for the use of the church for the wedding party of 11 (the Bride, the Groom, the Minister and eight guests) is $100.00. If you have more than 8 guests, additional charges will be dependent on number of other options selected.

We are staffed to provide the music for your wedding. The “little” organ makes beautiful music at the hands of Jennylyn Carlson. Darwin and Jennylyn have been singing together since high school and sing regularly at church services and weddings. You should make your selections at least two weeks prior to the wedding:

Recreated 1906 Wedding

Organ music by Mark Dawin.

Solo by Jennylyn and Mark Darwin.

Duet by Jennylyn and Mark Darwin.

Rental of silk flowers for church.

Unity Candles are available..