Field Trips

Field Trips / Day Camps

  • Iowa History Experience
  • Games of the Past
  • Model T Ford Rides
  • Open Kettle Corn
  • Hot Dog Lunch
  • Bonfire/Hayrides
  • Rope Making
  • Spinning & Weaving
  • Sock Knitting
  • Craft Session – Button Buzzsaw
  • Just Like Little House On The Prairie
  • Visit the Intelligent Animated Dummy


A classroom visit to Country Relics Village is a unique experience. The population of “dummies” makes each scene throughout the sixteen-building complex a true-to-life picture of the 1920s and 30s. Several tour options are available. Classes from preschool through high school have enjoyed visiting Country Relics Village.

During the welcome and brief orientation, class members are asked to role-play–to imagine that they are their great grandparents.

The Country Relics ‘Stroll Into The Past’ is indeed an Iowa history lesson with hands-on experience. A realistic insight into the past makes memories that last–walking on stilts, rolling hoops, tossing hoops, and solving the blacksmith’s puzzle.

The Country Relics gift shops has many items reminiscent of the past, and collectibles of the present. Items range from $.25 and up, plus 6% sales tax. Students are encouraged to bring money if they wish to purchase a souvenir.


  • The Stroll into the past including games of past
  • Model T Ford rides
  • Kettle corn
  • Large cookie bar
  • Lemonade/Kool Aide
  • Hot dog/chips/pop for lunch (Hot dogs will be cooked on a grill.)

For A Country Relics Village package, allow two to three hours.

The bus driver and 2 teachers per bus are free. Additional teachers assistants or parents pay the same price as students. All costs are to be paid by the teacher or class treasurer upon arrival by cash or check.

If you want to make a full day trip and are seeking other classroom experiences in the area, you may wish to include one of the following:

  • Ho Ho Holt Christmas Tree Farm – Stratford (515)777-2160
    · Briggs Woods Park Nature Trails – Webster City (515)819-2770
    · Seven B Ranch – Webster City (515)725-6558
    · Bonebright Museum Complex – Webster City (5l5)813-1998
    · Antique Carousel – Story City (515)720-2050
    · Boone & Scenic Valley Railway (515)827-3460
    · Mamie Dodd Eisenhower Birthplace – Boone (515)419-2280
    · Little Wall Lake – Jewell (515)872-6700
    · Bells Mills Park – Stratford (515)819-6009