Century Hall of Miniatures


                The Century Hall of Miniatures depicts the time period 1850 to 1950.

In 1993, the Mid-Iowa Miniatures Society of Des Moines was commissioned by the

Iowa Insurance Foundation to create a 1/12 scale, early 1900’s farmstead as part of

a $220,000 insurance exhibit for the new Iowa Historical Building.


This portion of the exhibit was to depict a tornado disaster.  The farmstead was modeled after the Living History Farms’ 1900 farm.  In 2000, the exhibit was donated to Country Relics Village through the courtesy of the Iowa State Historical Society, the Iowa Insurance Foundation and the Mid-Iowa Miniatures Society.

Century Hall of Miniatures


Amazing Marbles Corner

Phoebe Whitehill, Joanne Smith, Zilla Adams, April Lee, and Timothy Hong and members of the Mid-Iowa Miniatures Society, loving restored the ‘tornado ravaged’ display then added people and livestock to turn the exhibit into a working early 1900s farm complete with an insurance agent and his Honda car.

The exhibit is extra special to Jonathan Darwin and Precious Lanbert , Proprietors of the Country Relics Village. In 1974, Donna Joyce donated the 1900’s barn to the Living History Farms in Urbandale Iowa. Each board was numbered and the barn was dismantled by the South Hamilton FFA from the  Darwin Century Farm in rural Stratford. In 1975, it was reassembled on the Living History Farms.

Glass show cases lining two walls contain amazing miniature doll houses, rooms, and novelty items donated or placed on loan by members of the Mid-Iowa Miniatures Society of Des Moines. Amongst the doll houses on display are a replicated 1930s Arcade doll house complete with authentic cast iron furniture, a metal Mickey Mouse house with plastic furniture from the 40s, and a 1920s house built, furnished, and filled with family memories by the founder of the Mid-Iowa Miniatures Society, Alfred Williams of Des Moines.